Dr. Keith Newlin is a professor of English at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  His biography of Garland (Hamlin Garland, A Life) was published in early 2008.  Among his other books, he has edited or introduced four editions of Garland’s books, edited A Summer to Be, A Memoir by the Daughter of Hamlin Garland, and currently serves as co-editor of the scholarly journal Studies in American Naturalism

    According to Kurt Meyer, President of the Mitchell County Historical Society, this will be one of several visits Newlin has made to our community.  “I first met Keith in 2003 and invited him to North Iowa as part of his research on the Garland biography.  We became friends through our shared interest in Garland and when I asked if, in conjunction with his next trip, he’d be willing make a community presentation, he quickly agreed.”

    Professor Newlin will draw on reminiscences and archival illustrations to view Garland’s life through the eyes of his contemporaries.  Many of these reminiscences will be presented to the public for the first time.  Newlin’s presentation will begin with Hamlin’s brother’s recollections from their years in Mitchell County (1870 - 1881) and will conclude with reminiscences of Hamlin’s final year, when he was deeply involved in psychic investigation, seeking solace for his approaching death.

    According to Newlin, “When Garland first attained fame as an apostle of realism, his activism prompted considerable ridicule, reflected in remarks from his contemporaries and satiric illustrations in magazines.  The presentation will highlight Garland’s achievements as well as his contemporaries’ reactions to them and will touch on Garland’s often-difficult personality.”

    Newlin’s format will be that of “a slide show with accompanying comments,” including visual images from Garland’s Mitchell County years.  According to Meyer, “This is a great opportunity for area residents to learn more about ‘a native son’ generally recognized as Iowa’s most distinguished author.  Keith Newlin has a deep knowledge of Garland in addition to being a lively and engaging presenter.  It will be a very special program.”


Hamlin Garland As He Appeared To His Contemporaries By Dr. Keith Newlin

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