SOOOOO – what is “TA DA” – you ask?  “TA DA” is a creation by Eloise Kuper.  Have you looked at the front window of the Mitchell County Historical Museum? “TA DA” will be looking back at you but you will have to be standing on your head to see this fascinating snow person. This is a new exhibit featuring snow persons, sleighs and a “sweetheart tree”.  Collections and artwork for this very “snowy” exhibit were contributed by: Jean and Jerry Arndt, Carroll and Joyce Bishop, Donna and Harlan Bremer, Starla and Douglas Cassmann, CRC and MCHS Museum children for the “sweetheart tree”, Leone Dunkelberg, Ellen Elsbury, Reva and Al Harris, the late Agnes Louise Halbach, Rona and Dennis Johnson, Terry Kampman, Charlotte Kirkegaard, Sandy Kraus, Eloise and Gary Kuper, Richard Lunde, Jane and Roy Miller, Karla and Dwight Mitchell, Adrene Phillips, David Rottinghaus, Linda Staff-Smith family, Marsha Stricker – Flower Gallery, Ann Theobald and the Jon Witt, Linda Kuehne, Phil Kolbet families. The design committee for this fun-loving, blizzardy exhibit includes: Donna Bremer, Starla Cassmann, Leone Dunkelberg, Eloise Kuper, and Jane Miller.