'Years Gone By'; a chance to remember

OSAGE | Ham, Biederman, Thompson, Larson, Roll, Rowland, Lewis . . . just a few of the many surnames found in the most recent display at the Mitchell County Historical Museum.

"Years Gone By" is a montage of pictures 
from one-room country school houses, to the Cedar Valley Seminary, all the way to Osage High School.

The display was created by Eloise Kuper and Jane Miller, members of OHS Class of 1963.

"The museum wanted to do something special for this year's alumni weekend," said Kuper. "It was a lot of fun looking through old annuals to find the pictures.

"We couldn't get everyone's pictures on the displays, so we featured random photos from the Thirties through the Nineties."

Miller said, "We used annuals at the public library, newspaper articles as well as our own annuals. However, we discovered there are several years of annuals missing."

"Many of the names found on the boards are names of folks still living in Osage," said Kuper.

Both ladies agreed the display was fun to put together.

A special banner is displayed honoring Mrs. Margie Lesch's preschool that she ran from 1935-1975. The banner was created and donated by Margie's daughter.

Also recognized is the Raggedy Ann and Andy Preschool operated by Sally Pennington, which followed Mrs. Lesch's School.

These two preschools were the predecessors to the current Osage Community Daycare.

The display is located on the second floor of the Mitchell County Historical Museum in the Hamlin Garland Art Gallery.

It may be viewed during the hours of the Cedar River Complex, 809 Sawyer Drive, Osage.