Old Norseman (From A Tribute of Grasses)

 Weston Noble conducting Old Norseman performed by the combined high school choirs of Osage, Riceville and St. Ansgar Iowa live from the Cedar River                  Complex  with solosits Jonathan Struve, Caleb Snater, Jean Miller. Music by John Ridgway Walker based on a text by Hamlin Garland. 2013

A musical work 
for chorus, woodwind ensemble, narrator, vocal solo & piano
inspired by the writings of Hamlin Garland

 Music Composed by John Ridgway Walker using text by Hamlin Garland
to commemorate the 2006 Sesquicentennial Celebration of
Osage Iowa

Old Norseman

SERENE, vast head, with silver cloud of hair
Lined on the purple dusk of death,
A stern medallion, velvet set—
Old Norseman, throned, not chained upon thy chair,
                   Thy grasp of hand, thy hearty breath                    
Of welcome thrills me yet
 As when I faced thee there!

                                                                      Text: Hamlin Garland