December 24, 2014 12:00 pm  •  Jim Cross Of The Press-News

OSAGE | Thanks to websites such as Pinterest, the interest in making homemade Christmas decorations has increased, over the years.

However, before there was the Internet and websites, there were many creative decorations being made.

Such was the case in the discovery made by Marilyn Sullivan, when she and her late-husband Keith moved into their home on Main Street in Osage, and discovered what appeared to be a handmade Christmas tree made out of tin.

The couple purchased their home in 1990 from Margaret and Charles Ramsey, both now deceased

According to Sullivan, prior to his passing, Charles ran a small repair shop in the back of their house.

“I have a feeling he made the tree for Margaret,” said Sullivan. “But I’m not certain.”

Upon closer examination of the tree, it appears to have been made out of two sheets of tin that were cut in the shape of a tree, then somehow cut into strips, then welded to a metal rod.

The couple purchased the home with all its contents and the tree was found in the basement.

“When we found the tree, there were no decorations to be found,” she said. “As a matter of fact, there were no holiday decorations.

When Marilyn’s daughters saw the tree they “both thought it was really ugly. Now, they are fighting over who gets to keep it,” she said with a laugh.

“It took a lot of time and effort to make something like that,” said Marilyn. “Who knows if they had money to purchase any decorations?”

Marilyn has not been able to determine the year which it was made.

“I’m not certain,” she said. “I know that we have discovered notes and letters that Margaret wrote on pieces of torn wallpaper.

“I think that was common during the Depression.”

Marilyn has nine living children and 25 grandchildren who she enjoys making handmade decorations for each Christmas.

She decorates the tree with many examples of the Christmas ornaments she has made over the years for friends and family members.

“I think it is a fun tree,” said Marilyn.

The handmade Christmas tree is on display at the Mitchell County Historical Museum located in the Cedar River Complex in Osage.