Lunde Quilt


This quilt and pillowcases were made in 1930 by Ora Richardson Lunde.  She was married to Henry M. Lunde and they resided in Mona, Iowa.  Ora would have been 104 years of age this May.  Ora’s third son, Richard A. Lunde, has loaned this quilt to the Mitchell County Historical Museum for exhibition.

Sunbonnet Girls and Babies were popular from 1920 through 1950.  Bertha L. Corbett, author of Sunbonnet Babies, published her book in 1900 and was given credit as the creator of these faceless figures.

Within the folds of any quilt are a Pandora’s Box of comfort, knowledge, intrigue, history and the artistry of its maker. Common early patterns depict wars, slavery, expositions, places, happiness and sorrow.  Many were traded, as in the case of pioneer women, who found different patterns and materials as they crossed the country.

Once a quilter, always a quilter or “sew it seams.”