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Note: While it is tough for patrons to tour the Mitchell County Historical Museum right now due to its transition from the Cedar River Complex to its new future site at Cedar Valley Memories, we can still celebrate our county’s history by publishing an item or two about some of the more interesting county personalities we’ve come across in recent months.  Click on the link (here) or in the title above.

Items you want us to have?

We ask those wishing to donate items to the museum to contact us first, since our museum is in transition and short on space.

For more information, please contact our curator, Starla Cassmann, at the museum, at 641-832-2574.

   Our collection is now searchable online!


The mission of the Historical Society is to keep alive an active interest in Mitchell County history by collecting, preserving and interpreting artifacts, books, papers, records, and other materials relative to the county’s history. 

The Historical Society cares for over 10,000 items at its seven different sites, including one of the largest clothing collections in Iowa.

History of MCHS  (Click)

The Mitchell County Historical Museum was established in the last remaining building of the Cedar Valley Seminary in 1966. The "Old Central" building, located at North 6th Street and Mechanic Street (Osage, IA) was leased to the Historical Society by the Osage Community Schools. The Osage Community Schools were in discussions of expanding their school on the former Seminary Campus site and Old Central was going to be demolished. Around this same time,  the Historical Society lease was about to expire, The Mitchell County Historical Society saw an opportunity to join in a 28E agreement group planning the Cedar River Recreation and Fine Arts Complex. This would be the answer to "Where do we go with the Museum"? 

The iconic "Old Central" building was rescued from destruction by a newly formed "Cedar Valley Seminary Foundation". On June 24, 2016, the Cedar Valley Seminary (Old Central) was moved to 200 North 7th Street where it stands with dignity. A full restoration and repurposing of The Cedar Valley Seminary, on this beautiful site, welcomes visitors with many gatherings and events today. 


A Grand Opening was held on April 24, 2010 for the Museum in the Cedar River Complex.  The Mitchell County Historical Society Museum was in its beautiful new home built specifically for its use.  The museum was located just inside the main entrance to the Cedar River Complex (which houses the Krapek Family Fine Arts Center and auditorium, fitness center, and swimming pool.).   

Recent changes have resulted in the main floor of the Museum being closed in late summer 2023 and re-purposed.  The currrent Museum consists of only the second floor of the CRC.  It currently is housing vintage exhibits, artifacts, archives and a research library.  There are no displays and the area is not open to the general public.  The items in our collection and the Library are available to the public by appointment or request.  We are looking forward to a new facility in 2024-2025 making your experience even better!

Our mission is collecting, preserving artifacts and telling the story of the Mitchell County lifestyle of past generations.  We look forward to continuing that mission.  Stay tuned.  "What you didn't see on your first visit, you may on the next".  

Cedar River Complex, 809 Sawyer Drive, Osage, IA

Museum Hours:    By appointment only.  Wednesday -  Saturday - 1 pm to 5 pm

Phone: 641-832-2574